How to get there

Public transport - Metro 5 ‘Pétillon’ or Tram 7/25, tram-stop ‘VUB’

Campus Oefenplein, entry n°8 (Sportcentrum)

The sessions take place in the Sportcentrum (building L). To reach it we recommend taking VUB entry n°8. 


To reach the VUB Sporthall:

Take the Triomflaan/boulevard du Triomphe. In front of the Colruyt you will find a board with the mention entrance 8.

  • walking: just follow the road
  • biking: there is a parking for your bike on the right
  • car: 2 parkings, 1 parking tower on the left, some spaces at ground level on the right

The building L is then on your right hand side. Once you trough the double doors you will find the reception desk just in front of you where you can ask for information

To go to the hall where F&S gives its training:

  • take the left hand corridor till the end
  • you will arrive at a larger corridorturn to the right (down the steps) and you will see the halls in front of you
  • F&S is in the hall L4 on Monday and Thursday (the 1/3 of the hall on the right) and L6 on Tuesday and Wednesday (the 1/3 on the left). There is always a host available to help.

To go to the changing rooms/showers:

Upon entering the building after passing the double doors take the stairs to the first floor, turn right, then left. The changing rooms for ladies are on the left hand side.

Parking at VUB

For those arriving by car please be aware of the following parking recommendations. Beginning at the crossroad Général Jacques/Boulevard du Triomphe (right hand side):

  • Access 8: The only issue is finding an open parking space, but worth trying since it is near the Sportshalls. Since September 2023 you can enter via access 8 to the campus for access to the sports complex and then park in the designated zones between entrances 8 and 6. This will be free for the first three hours. In principle, long enough for the athletes to change clothes, indulge in some sporting activity, shower, get dressed, have another drink in the cafeteria and then head back home. Anyone who stays longer than those three hours will have to pay a contribution of €2 per additional hour when leaving via entrance 8 or exits 7 or 6.
  • Access 6: this is an option for access but please note that there is a guard waiting for visitors, and you must register with security there to gain access to the campus.
  • All other accesses are provided exclusively for VUB residents who need to be on campus for work, study or research.
  • Finally, there is street parking off VUB-site, along the Boulevard du Triomphe.