Questions about the membership and our mobile app

How do I renew my membership? To renew your membership, please click on "Your membership" and then on "membership portal" (or go directly to If you haven’t logged into the new website yet, then please note that all the membership information was transferred from the previous website to the new platform. The previous log-in is still valid, just ensure that you reset your password and it should work normally. (Please note: it is not possible to manage your membership or contract via the mobile app, only via the portal website.)

From the membership portal, you can log in to your account and renew your contract: go to "account" - "contract details" - "add contract". That should offer you the options for a 5 or 10 months contract.

You can renew your contract
 by paying via credit card. If you wish you can even do it via bank transfer, though we don't recommend it since the bank transfer takes a few days to process while the card payments can occur in real time (bank account details: Friskis+Svettis Brussels - BE80310156751177). If you chose after all to use the bank transfer option, then we ask you to please notify us by sending an email to You may renew your contract as early as one month before expiration of your current contract.

For more information please check the section "Become a member". 


I would like to buy 1 or 4-session card to attend a Friskis session. How does it work? If you want to buy a 1 or 4-session card (a digital voucher that is valid for 1 or 4 sessions anywhere, anytime), simply create an account if you don't have one yet and select the corresponding option in the "Class Packs" menu (or under "My products" if you already have an existing account).


Can I access the sessions at the European Council Sports Hall if I don't have a EU Institution badge? The sessions at the European Council Sports Hall are exclusively accessible by badge holders of a European institution (who have a badge giving access to the Council premises). If you don't hold a badge and would like to access these sessions, please send an email to with the subject line "Access to EU Council sessions (and indicate your name)". Your name will be added to the list that is provided by Friskis to the EU council administration who will then review it and should grant access to our members. If you are successfully added to the list, you will be contacted by email.


I would like to participate in the Friskis Family sessions with my child. How does the registration for the kids work? Do we both need to be members in order to participate in the family sessions?Only the child needs to become a member to participate in the Family sessions while the parents get to participate for free.

Simply make an account in our membership portal by going to "Account" and then select "Friends and Family" on the next page and follow the steps for adding a membership pack (KIDS MEMBERSHIP for either 5 or 10 months) for the family member.

You will then need to fill in the personal details for the "new" family member. For contact details, if the child is too young to have their own email address or phone number we recommend that you put your own contact details.
Also as of 8 years (until 12) kids can have a free membership (required for booking purposes) if they train with their parents in an "adult" (non-Family) class. The child's memberships can be linked to the parent's membership, and then the kids don't need an email to register.


How early can I renew my Friskis membership in the membership portal?You can renew your membership in the membership portal 1 month before your current membership expires.


I renewed my membership before it expired but my credit card/direct debit card wasn't charged. Was my membership actually renewed?When you renew your contract before it expires, your credit card/direct debit card will only be debited on the first day of the new contract (and not at the moment of the purchase)."


I’m not a member but I would like to participate in the Free summer sessions/trial free session, what do I do?Please refer to the page "How to book free sessions"


Does it cost more to pay via credit card? I registered my credit card data and apparently paid 1 euro to register it.The 1 euro charge is an initial transaction that the payment company makes to check the validity of the card. The 1 euro is then immediately transferred back. Almost all payment sites do this to validate new cards, just that with our provider this transaction is visible.


I am a VUB student / teacher – how do I join?VUB Staff and VUB Students who can produce a valid VUB sports card have free access to Friskis classes at VUB on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please register on the VUB reservation platform beforehand.


How can VUB members register for the Friskis session at VUB if they can't access the Friskis registration system (since they are not Friskis members)? VUB members should register for the session via the VUB registration system. As long as the knipkaart holder pay and register at the VUB desk they should not sign up with the Friskis system. We are now reserving a certain number of places in our VUB sessions for VUB members so that there's guaranteed room for them.


I'm under age (less than 18 years old) can I still be a member? Yes, there are special sessions where we allow children aged 8-12 to train with their parents, in these cases there is a special free membership only available for children in this age group. This membership is managed by their parents. After they turn 12 years old, children should have full membership (with a reduced rate). Please note that minors (less than 18 years old) need to have a legal guardian mentioned on their online profile, but this person does not have to be a Friskis member.


I'm already a F&S Brussels member - how can I register to the new website and book my sessions? All the data and membership information from the old website has been transferred to the new platform. Your current email address will still be valid to login to the new portal, so you don’t need to re-register. You'll just have to reset the password. Please be sure to do this on the new website before you try to access the app. If the system does not recognize your email (even when you clicked on "forgot my password"), please check that you used the original email address with which you originally registered for F&S Brussels. If it still doesn't work, then please send us an email at


Do I still need to show my membership card? No, when you go to your session, you no longer need to show your membership card. You simply show the host your phone with the app showing that you reserved that session, or by giving them your name and the hosts can then check the list of participants who signed up for the session on their own phone.


Do I need to register for a session in order to participate? Yes, in order to guarantee that social distancing guidelines, mandated by the Belgian authorities, are respected, we will be limiting the maximum number of participants to each session (which will vary depending on the session). To that end, we kindly request that all participants register for each session on the membership portal. This is now mandatory for all our sessions (both outdoor and indoor). Please note that it will no longer be possible to book a session without either a valid membership, or with a guest pass. This means that if somebody wants to sign up for a session, he or she needs to have a valid membership or a guest pass.


Can I try a session for free before I commit to becoming a member? Yes, your first session is still free but you need to register for a "guest pass" on the website. The guest pass will give you access to a free session. It can be used once per user. Even with a guest pass, you still need to register for the session that you plan attending.


How do I get the Friskis app? The app can be downloaded for free searching for “F&S Brussels” in your favorite app provider. It is available for iOS and Android.


What do I do if I still have the old 4 paper tryout cards? In case some of you still have the old paper 4-session tryout cards and don’t know what to do with them now that Friskis went digital, please contact us at and we will find a solution.


What does membership in Friskis&Svettis include? As a member you have access to more than 35 fitness sessions a week. A Membership in Friskis&Svettis Brussels gives the right to put forward proposals to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), as well as the right to vote at the AGM.


Does Friskis share my personal data with any third parties? Your trust and support is important to us. So if you have provided us with any personal info for any reason (eg. when joining as a member, filling out a trial card or signing up to receive our newsletter) please be aware that we are treating that info in compliance with the existing data protection regulations.
Please be assured that your data is not shared with any third party. It is only used for membership administration and to provide updates for our activities. Our policy includes the following:
  • You can have access to your data at anytime and control the information you provide.
  • You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at anytime.
  • By default your data is deleted from our database 24 months after your last active membership. You can request to be deleted sooner.


Can I use my usual user name and password (valid for the membership portal) to access the Friskis play section of Friskis online training on the website?The Friskis online training is a different system which was setup by Friskis Sweden and so your usual username and password won't work. We send out regular emails to all of our active members with the subject line "Friskis Online Training: Username and Password" containing the correct user name and password. If you check your email inbox you should find it there. If you did not receive this email then please send an email to


I have another question. What should I do?If you still have a question, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If your question concerns a membership problem (for example, you need an invoice, a certificate from your insurance company, etc.), then please send your request to

Our sport

Questions about our classes

What are the benefits of an F&S class? Today we often spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk or in a car. Regular physical activity is therefore more important than ever. Friskis & Svettis instructors can provide an answer thanks to a sport practice which improves your physical condition, whatever your age, your form or your weight!

After a semester at Friskis & Svettis:
  • Increased stroke volume of your heart and its ability to absorb oxygen
  • Decrease of pulse and resting pulse is lower
  • Increase in the number of muscle capillaries
  • Decrease of cholesterol
  • Greater muscle strength
  • Increased bone strength – physical training prevents calcium loss
  • Strengthens joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Reduces lactic acid in your muscles
  • Increase in production of endorphins
  • Increased stamina
  • Increase in resistance to ambient heat


Which intensity should I choose? Choose an intensity that suits your level, start slowly and work out at your own pace. If you go to a class and you feel it is too difficult, drop the movements of the arms and concentrate on the legs.


How often should I exercise? - Exercise frequently, but do not forget to rest. By exercising, you strain your muscles, joints and tendons. During rest they can recover and get stronger. You should have a good balance between exercise and rest, as this way you will get the best results and the risk of injury is lowered.
- Never exercise when you are ill and remember that complications can be dangerous. Start to exercise slowly after you are well again


Where should I run during class? To avoid collision and thereby potential injuries slower runners should run closer to the middle of the hall and faster runners further out by the walls!


What clothes and shoes do I need? - Wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in. Make sure that you will not get too warm in your gear.
- It is very important that you wear good fitness shoes. With good fitness shoes, training becomes more enjoyable and efficient. You will also avoid pain in the ligaments, knees or torn Achilles tendons! For indoor classes you use indoor shoes suitable for jumping and indoor activities. For our outdoor classes you use outdoor shoes, either jogging or Nordic Walking shoes.
- Please note that you have to change from outdoor to indoor fitness shoes before you enter the sports hall. This way we avoid making the hall dirty and letting fellow Friskis friends lie down on a dirty floor.


Can I bring my own mat? Yes, you are welcome to bring your own mat to classes.


Why don’t the instructors correct individuals when they do movements wrong? Instructors do not correct individual participants in Friskis&Svettis, as many are sensitive to public criticism. Instead they prefer to explain difficult movements at the beginning of the class, or to give short explanations during the class whilst actually carrying out the movements. We would also like to remind all participants that they are very welcome to approach the instructor after the class to ask for clarifications on any of the movements used.


Any useful tips? - If you find that a movement is difficult to do, drop the arm exercises and concentrate on the legs.
- When you jump, land softly on your whole foot. Note that you can also do almost all jumping with one foot on the ground. Instead of running, you can choose to walk.
- Take pain as a warning. If a movement is painful, check if you are doing it correctly by watching the instructor carefully. If the pain continues, stop the movement and ask the instructor for advice at the end of the class. It is important that the movements feel good.
- Stretch properly. Stretching relaxes your tired and tensed muscles. Stretching at the end of the class speeds up the recovery process and balances the body’s metabolism.
- When changing intensity level of the exercise or getting used to a new class, you may feel your muscles becoming slightly tense and aching. Training ache will however disappear in a couple of days whilst you give your body time to recover and you keep on moving, but less intensively.


Who develops the different programmes? - In general, the individual instructors develop their own programmes, but all programmes are designed using movements that have been carefully developed in cooperation with experts in the fields of medicine and physiology in Friskis&Svettis.
- The class has to follow specific indications concerning the beats per minute allowed for the different parts of the class (warm-up, strength, oxygen peaks, flexibility, cool-down, etc.). To ensure that the risk of injuries is kept to a minimum Friskis&Svettis instructors strictly follow these indications when selecting movements and music.


How often do the instructors change the class? Friskis&Svettis instructors change their classes every term. It’s not considered appropriate to change too often, mainly because participants need time to learn a new programme in order to fully benefit from it.


What should I eat and drink before and after a class? Drink sufficiently water before and after the exercise. During a class you can sweat approximately 1 litre or even more, depending on the circumstances. This loss of fluids needs to be compensated. Exercise also uses body’s energy storages, so ensure you eat a small snack preferably immediately after the class. This way your body can start recovering from the exercise immediately and does not start using your muscle energy storages as energy.


What about the music? Friskis&Svettis Brussels pays a fee to SABAM, The Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (, for the publicly distributed music we play at classes.


What about insurance?
Friskis&Svettis offers an accident insurance to all its members! We have you covered if anything wrong happens during one of our sessions. This new insurance is included in your membership fee (for 5 or 10 months). In case of an accident, ask the host (person in red) to provide you the accident form that needs to be completed.


I'm pregnant. can I still participate in Friskis sessions?
Absolutely. Any of our session can be done during pregnancy by adapting the way you exercise. Being pregnant is not considered an illness so depending on how the person feels I would recommend to join the session and simply listen to their body. There are lots of exercises that one would not feel comfortable doing whilst being pregnant but it is very individual. We do not have sessions that are adapted for pregnant women but they are always welcome and can of course speak to the instructor who can give alternatives to the different exercises.